Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mount Samsung GT-i5800 as an USB Drive

Today I wanted to sync some of my music files with my new GT-i5800. Unfortunately, it didn't worked with MissingSync via Wi-Fi, so I tried USB. Well, how do I mount my GT-i5800 as a USB drive on OS X? By default, USB settings are "Samsung Kies", which I do not need on OS X (and with MissingSync). This setting has to be changed to "Mass storage" before connecting the USB cable!
Settings > About phone > USB settings > (X) Mass storage (default: Samsung Kies)
or in german:
Einstellungen > Telefoninfo > USB-Einstellungen > (X) Massenspeicher
Only after changing this setting, you can connect the GT-i5800 as described in the Missing Sync manual: "pull down the notification window (aka ‘window shade’) and tap USB connected."

Well, and thanks to bTunes ($1.49), my Android device almost feels like an iPod :-D

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